2013 Race Results

SUP 14 ft.

1st. Place Two and a Half Men Wes Huston, Peter De Avila, Ryland Hart 6:05:09.08
2nd. Place Grace by Grit Pamela Strom, Jaecey Suda, Helen Taylor 6:50:55.07
3rd. Place Whisky Tango Foxtrot Harry Peterson, Chris Barrios, Steve Silverthorn 7:23:20.93

Stock 12ft.

1st. Place Geezer and Young buck Jeffrey Zane, Woody Maxwell, Micheal Avery 6:27:42.18
2nd. Place Team RMI 6:32:01.08
3rd. Place Bernout  Bernadette Foote, Bob Thurmond, Pete Bagoye 6:49:56.76
4th. Place Kiya Sports  Ivette Temessy, Jennifer Wessels, Ruth Parish 7:28:13.29

Unlimited 18ft.

1st. Place Family Only George Toberman, Mimi Toberman, Matt Arnold 8:59:59.00